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Finishing touch for the head

Finishing touch for the head
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finishing the head

Now that you've covered the parts that really stand out, here's a few pointers to finish off the rest of the face.

          NOSE: Sometimes, you could just mark the nose by it's nostrils. Other times, you could make a litte upside-down '7' for the nose. Or, you could represent the nose with it's shadow. Also, some artists use little triangles for the nose.

          MOUTH: This completes the expression--a smile, a smirk, a scream, etc.
     There are so many different ways to draw anime style faces that they can't all be covered or described here. The easiest way to learn any more techniques is to observe more anime and to practice sketching.

     Here's the finished products, including the guides. When completed, you may erase the guides after inking your artwork.

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