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How to draw the head

    Because the hair and eyes are the most prominent features in anime, it is important to understand how to draw the head of a character. This section will help you set up sketch guides for the hair and eyes. It's best to sketch these out so you can better visualize your ideas.

     Here's an example. Please follow these instructions before attempting to experiment on your own:

          STEP 1: Sketch out an egg shape.
It kind of has to look like an egg with the smaller side pointed downwards, and the bigger, more rounded side would be tilted upwards. If you are having problems, you could try to draw it on an axis.

          STEP 2: Sketch out a cross.
Act as if it were actually a curved surface of egg, and create a cross on the face. It kind of makes the bigger, rounder part of the egg shape into its own circle.

          STEP 3: Outlines.
The intersection will give you an idea of which direction the charcter is facing. Outline using the egg-shape as a guide. Keep in mind that you're drawing a person; there is slight indentation for the eyes.

          STEP 4: Sketch guides for the neck and shoulders.
From the smaller side of the egg shape, extend lines that will curve outwards. These will be the contours of the neck and shoulders that will guide you in making hairstyles, whether long or short haired.

     These same steps can be applied no matter what direction the character is facing. As long as you remember later on that the intersection will give you an idea of where to fit the eyes and nose. Here's an example, but this time the head is shown straight-on rather than at a tilt or angle.

STEP 1: Egg shape.

STEP 2: Cross.

STEP 3: Outline.

STEP 4: Neck and shoulder contour.

     That's it!! You could use these guides to make the head face in any direction. Now, let's continue on to making the hair.

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