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Eyes are another prominent feature in anime. Anime characters are especially known for having huge eyes and strange expressions. This section will guide you through creating anime eyes, which are said to be one of the hardest parts of drawing faces.

                STEP 1: Lightly sketch out two circles where the eyes would be.
They should be imperfect circles that have a base on the horizontal line of the cross. These will guide you in making the eyes.

               STEP 2: Draw in the basic outline for the eyes.
This consists of the eyebrows, the top and bottom eyelashes, and the iris. The rows of eyelashes are not connected to each other.

               STEP 3: Add the details.
Now, you could add in any details that you wish: big bushy eyelashes, a fold for the eyelid, pupil, and highlights. Anime characters are known to have highlights where it seems impossible. You can use highlights to make various character expressions.

          VARIATIONS: There are other expressions that do not follow the normal rules. Here's a few examples of faces with different eye expressions:

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