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Dragon Riddles

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1.The riddle of the Sphinx-
What goes on four legs in the morning,
two legs in the afternoon,
and three in the evening?
2.Only one colour,but not one size,
stuck at the bottom,yet easily flies,
present in sun,but not in rain,
doing no harm, feeling no pain
3.What force and strength cannot get through
I with a gentle touch can do,
and many in the street would stand,
were I not a friend at hand.
4.Round like an apple,deep like a cup,
yet all the king's horses can't pull up?
5.Old Mother Twitchet had one eye,
and a long tail that  she let fly,
and every time she went through a gap,
she left a bit of her tail in the trap.
6.In marble walls white as milk,
lined with skin as soft as silk,
within a fountain crystal clear,
a golden apple does appear.
No doors are there to this stronghold--
yet thieves break in and steal the gold.
7.Black we are,and much admired,
men seek for us if they're tired,
we tire the horse,but comfort man,
tell me the riddle if you can.
8.As I was going to St.Ives,
I met a man with seven wives,
each wive had seven sacks,
each sack had seven cats,
each cat had seven kis,
kits,cats,sacks, and wives,
how many were going to St.Ives?
9.A hill-full,a hole-full,
you can not catch a bowl-full.
10.Little Nancy Etticoat,
in a white petticoat,
and a red nose.
The longer she stands,
the shorter she grows.
11.Black within and red without,
with four corners round about.

1.Humans(four legs as a baby,
two as an adult,and three
an old man)
2.Only one colour---Shadow
3.What force---A key
4.Round like an apple---A well
5.Old Mother Twichet---A needle and a thread
6.Long legs Bandy thighs---A tongue
7.In marble walls---An egg we are--- A coal
9.As i was going to St.Ives ---One
10.A hill-full---A fog or a mist
11.Little Nancy Etticoat---A candle
12.Black within---A chimney